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Start Finding The Sellers You Want And Getting Them To Call You...

Without Spending A Fortune On Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Personal Promotion Campaigns Or Mass Mailings.

From: Chris Sylvada
Simple Listing Solutions LLC
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
(877) 721-8220

Dear Friend,

Getting home sellers who don't know you, like you or trust you enough to actually pick up their telephones and call you requires succeeding at three seemingly simple but hard to master tasks:

You've got to get the right message to the right person at just the right time in their decision-making process if you want them to call you.

You're about to discover some powerful, easy to use tools and systems for targeting the prospects you want and converting those prospects into listing appointments because at Simple Listing Solutions we help you work smarter, for less.

Learn how our video-oriented "Smart Sites" get you inside the homes of your prospects introducing yourself and your unique service offer at the time of their choosing and in a way that leaves them in control and fully open to your words and how you can use these site to target:

  • Expired listings.
  • Probate listings.
  • Divorce listings.
  • Active Adult & Senior downsizers.
  • Short sale listings.
  • FSBO listings.
  • Five-star buyer prospects.
  • Executive renters (great future buyer prospects!).
  • Whatever else you can think up.

Another beautiful thing about our "Smart Site" video squeeze page systems is that you don't need Google to make them work for you! When used in conjunction with one or two other tools such as letters and postcards, our video squeeze pages are the smartest, cheapest and most effective way of using online internet marketing with zero SEO required.

Do You Orchestrate Referrals Or Just Wait And Hope?

A heart shaped sticker that says, "I Love Referrals" is not a reliable strategy for getting referrals. But peanut butter prospecting with The Welcome Mat newsletter system can be as "sticky" as the name implies and is one of the best systems for orchestrating listing referrals from your farm area every month.

Is Your Real Estate Website Serving All Your Needs?

I want to show you what a "Smart Site" from Simple Listing Solutions looks like and how it performs!

Our "Smart Sites" for agents can easily be modified to fit new or changing markets and come with a variety of built-in template pages for targeting all kinds of prospects, and are designed to easily adapt and evolve with you, your practice and your marketplace.

Just select your target market and with a few clicks you've got a custom website speaking to and attracting that specific prospect for you - positioning you as the expert in that niche and offering free eBooks and downloadable reports to assist them.

You can also provide the standard "Search for Homes" or "Community Info" or "About Me" pages along with the content you've selected from the categories above - content positioning you as an expert in that niche.

And changing brokerages is as simple as touching a button. You can also change your website color scheme or...

  • Easily link either your or your brokerage's IDX.
  • Easily link a blog and any RSS news feeds.
  • Easily add any plug-in to any page.
  • Create unlimited new website pages.
  • Upload unlimited videos or photos or documents to any page(s).
  • Create your own automated email drip campaigns (or use ours).
  • Build your own data gathering "forms" with custom form fields.
  • Plus lots, lots, lots more...

Your Smart site can also be designed and configured to represent a specific geographic community (or more than one community) that you plan to farm. Use the Home Finder page to generate five star buyer prospects for that community, and the Nosey Neighbor and Bulls Eye Home Value Reports page to generate seller leads from within your farm.

You can easily create additional pages for your website. Upload unlimited video or pictures to any page you create plus insert links, change fonts, text colors and text alignment as easily as working in Microsoft Word.

  • Monthly Customizable Direct Response Newsletter included with every Smart site along with an entire library of other direct response letters and postcards. The Welcome Mat newsletter is the perfect tool for orchestrating monthly referrals and dripping on your farm every month.
  • Professionally Written Content and campaigns to help you target short sales, expired listings, divorce, probate and senior seller prospects including but not limited to designations, letters, postcards, door hangers, eBooks, reports and more.
  • Back Office Lead Center where you can manage your prospects. You can also easily see which email campaigns they opted for, turn the automated drip emails they'll be receiving on or off, see any notes they may have left for you and follow up with the contact information they provide.
  • Back Office Letter Library is where you'll find pre-written letters that you can send to your expired, probate, divorce, short sale and FSBO prospects.
  • Automated Drip Email Campaigns Our pre-written campaigns are already in place for you but since it's so easy to create new pages with your Smart site we've also made it easy to create your own new and unique automated email drips campaigns.
  • Form Builder Tool allows you to create custom forms for any custom pages you might create. For example, what if you decided to make a page advertising rental properties and wanted your prospects to be able to leave their name, phone number, email, rental price range, desired move-in date or any other information you felt you needed or wanted? With the Form Builder Tool it's easy to create any kind of form you want and place it anywhere you'd like!

So What's Inside A Simple Listing Solutions System?

Smart Website A 100% editable website bundled with the most powerful lead capture systems you've ever seen. The Stealth version of our offering allows for IDX and blog integration as well as unlimited page building and automatic any-language translation, and any brokerage branding. To see an example, please visit
Multiple Auto-responders Professionally written and designed email campaigns that get sellers to pick up their phone and call you! You can change all the autoresponder emails as desired, and create unlimited emails of your own. Easily customize the emails with pictures, logos and videos or with different font styles and colors.
Lead tracking Easy to use web-based lead tracking and monitoring system. Your Smart Site system comes with editable online data-gathering forms, each connected to your autoresponder campaigns. Easily monitor all prospects from your central back-office contact management dashboard.
Web Hosting Your subscription not only includes the creation of your customized lead-generating website, but also the monthly web hosting! You don't have to do any design work. You don't have to learn HTML or any programming. You don't have to write any of the content for your site. All you need to do is fill out the information on our easy-to-use forms, and your site changes immediately!
Toll-free service We can provide you your very own toll-free number with a pre-recorded script, at a deeply discounted rate. There's no phone bill and incoming calls automatically forward to your mobile phone when the caller is ready to speak with you. The caller ID and call capture system ensures you know whom you're speaking with before you answer. Also, you'll never lose a prospect when you miss their call because the system captures their phone number and emails it to you along with a time, location and date stamp!
Click Training Videos FREE access to Members Area Click Training Videos where you'll learn dialogue skills, direct mail strategies and list farming techniques used by the top producers.
Downloadable eBooks and Reports entitled, "The Top Dollar Report", "The Home Owner's Guide to Real Estate Short Sales" and "The Home Owner's Guide to Fighting Foreclosure", each valued at $37.00! This is huge! Not only are these reports and books chock full of valuable tips and tools, they're also ghost written for you! That's right: You can be positioned as the author! And each is completely editable if you wish to add or make changes. Our computer program auto-fills each book with your name, contact information, years in business, office affiliation, etc... New! The Short Sale book now also comes translated into Spanish!
25 Direct Response Marketing Pieces Including short sale letters, door hangers, postcards, business cards, flyers, and corrugated plastic bandit signs, each with compelling headlines, FREE offers and a powerful call to action that drives home owners to your website or your toll-free phone number. You've never seen more powerful direct response marketing! New! Now including 10 additional Spanish direct response marketing letters and postcards.
The Welcome Mat monthly newsletter The Welcome Mat direct response newsletter is your direct line to new listings from upside homeowners and referrals from your sphere of influence every single month when you know how to use it and I'll show you 10 different ways to put it to use getting you new business each month.
IDX Integration IDX Integration enables your customers to search for homes on your Stealth Site using your local MLS. It's a feature no realtor website should be without. Your Stealth Site features full integration with all the major IDX providers.
RSS and Blog Integration Automatically display your blog content in your Stealth website. You have the ability to add unlimited RSS feeds, including news feeds, housing trends, neighborhood trackers. Any RSS feed on the internet is available to you.
Facebook Plugin Our Facebook Plugin enables you to add a "Squeeze Page" tab to your Facebook Fan Page, enticing your visitors with the offer of your free eBook. When they sign up, it automatically adds them to your prospect pool and starts an Autoresponder campaign.

What Types Of Systems Are Available?

The Expired Listing System
Delivers a powerful and unique service offer directly to your expired listing prospect and communicates that offer perfectly every single time with pre-written letters that drive your prospect to a video squeeze page where they'll meet you practically in person and decide for themselves how good you sound. This system includes complete customization ability, training and IT support.

The Welcome Mat Newsletter System
Uses a proven, time-tested formula to help bring you new business each and every month with a thought-provoking and engaging monthly newsletter that keeps you "top of consciousness" and tells your readers exactly what you do, plus why and how to refer to you. It has a modern look and design, interesting content, personal customization fields and valuable offers like FREE Home Value Reports and FREE Seller Reports , eBooks that position you as an expert author, and much more! Watch your steady practice of sending out a quality client newsletter each and every month turn into a steady and reliable source of monthly referrals and repeat business.

The Listing Getter Letter System
This short sale lead capture squeeze page system positions you as the short sale guru who literally wrote the book on short sales. You'll become the author of The Homeowners Guide to Real Estate Short Sales eBook. You'll also receive a Certified Short Sale Advisor designation and access to a suite of direct response tools to drive short sale prospects to your squeeze page. This system also includes complete customization ability and built-in automated email drip campaign, training and IT support.

The Stealth System
The Stealth System contains all of the above systems, and can be modified to change and adapt as your real estate practice changes. It's loaded with valuable opt-ins (lead captures), each one tied to an automated drip email campaign that positions you as a knowledgeable and friendly advisor. Your stealth web site facilitates HAMP loan modifications, helps prospects determine whether or not they’ll face a deficiency judgment if they short sell their property and much, much more and it does it in any language at the touch of a button!

How Does A Simple Listing Solutions System Work?

We Make Sure Your Smart Site Is Set Up The Way You Want It.
You can make it geographically-specific to target a particular community or leave it open and more broad, but either way we’ll help you get it branded, upload a custom masthead image, set up your IDX if you have it, configure buyer pages, seller pages, short sale reports, divorce & probate info, link a blog, etc…

We Make Sure Your Newsletter Looks Awesome And Is Print-Ready.
Every month when your newsletter arrives in your back office, all you’ll have to do is download and open it, click ‘print’ and drop it in the mail. Your newsletter will be personalized and can be customized to target short sale prospects, expired prospects, FSBO prospects as well as orchestrate referrals from your sphere of influence.

We Assist You In Setting Up Your Squeeze Pages.
We provide IT support and training to get your individual squeeze pages customized and operating at peak performance for you. Target expired listings, probate prospects, buyers and more with your squeeze pages (and letter campaigns). We’ll help you get started.

We provide a back office support system.
This is where you'll manage all your leads, email drip campaigns, get 30 and 60 day late lists, watch click video training tutorials, quickly and easily edit or redesign ANY page of the system to look and read the way you'd like with our exclusive easy-edit capability. It's also where you'll find all your customized marketing materials in PDF format, as well as eBooks, reports, and letters, plus a boat load more.

We turn on your own personal toll-free phone number.
And incorporate it into each page of the site with an invitation for a free consultation, record the script on it and then forward all the seller calls to your cell phone so you can start answering them and going on listing appointments.

So, here's exactly what's going to happen over the next 48 to 72 hours as we work together to build your site, record your scripts and design your tool kit... and get you making money!

Step 1
Register Your Domain and Provide Information

We give you all the tips and tricks you need to register a GREAT domain name. Or if you prefer, just tell us the domain you'd like and we'll register and set it up for you. If you already have a domain name, we can use it, and we can even integrate your Stealth Site landing page into your existing site!

You then provide the information our graphic design team will use to customize your printable materials and short sale marketing website. Just fill in the online form!

Step 2
We Customize Your Tool Kit

The set up process happens within 72 hours once we have all of your information. Our graphic design team customizes your tool kit and uploads it into your member's access area for you to download at your convenience.

This means you don't have to do ANY design work, you don't have to learn HTML or any programming, you don't have to write any of the words that go on your site, and you don't even have to record the script for your toll-free phone line. EVERYTHING is done for you!

Step 3
Get a Walk-through of Your Tool Kit

Once your website is set up and you've downloaded your tool kit, we'll walk you through the site and suggest best practice tips and strategies from our top performing agents for unleashing the full power of this fully integrated marketing system.

Every question will be answered. Every detail covered. It's important to me that you really understand how all the different components of your tool kit work together to create synergy and start make you more money!

Plus: You'll Get FREE Access to Our "Click Training" Video Library.

Here are all the details...

If you're ready to start listing more short sales... It's easy to do.

You'll start with our simple order form

Depending on the package you choose, the total investment for your marketing system can be as low as $99 for the initial set-up and only $29 a month for all the service fees including auto-responder account, registration, website, web hosting, and realtor newsletter.

If you have questions, or you'd just like to talk to someone before you get started, I'd be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. You can call me at (877) 721-8220. I'm in California, so it's Pacific Standard Time. You can also email me at

I'm looking forward to working with you to create more wealth - easier!

Click Here to Sign up and get started now!

Chris Sylvada
Simple Listing Solutions LLC
(877) 721-8220

P.S. Excited to learn more? Can't attend one of our live webinars? Click on the video below to watch a recorded webinar!

Here's what people are saying:

Jenny Talasazan
America's Debt
and Home Relief
San Diego, CA

Larry Martin
Realty Executives
Grandville, MI

Tom Jacobs

Rick Giese
RE/MAX Advisors

I joined almost 10 months ago. I LOVE the system but if I didn't like and trust Chris I never would have worked with him. It was clear to me that he actually cared and wanted to help me. Call him crazy but after 10 months he still gets on the phone and works with me on new ideas and strategies! Who does that?!

In the first 2 months of using Chris' system I netted over $45K with 3 deals that I wouldn't have gotten without it. Since that time I've utilized his help in making this a banner year and currently have 12 short sales in escrow with more coming on every week. His systems and knowledge are ridiculously great but easy to follow. Join up and make this year great. You won't regret it.

Adam Menconi
Artisan Sotheby's Intl
Santa Rosa, CA

I couldn't believe it! I've had Simple Listing Solutions for more than a year, and I've been sitting on a gold mine! I just sat down with Chris for less than an hour and can't believe all that Simple Listing Solutions has to offer!

Have you even checked out the back office? I can do just about everything from there! If you have a Simple Listing Solutions system, spend some time with Chris, it will transform your entire business! I'm on a new brand new track!

P.S. If you don't have Simple Listing Solutions, good for me, bad for you! :)

Alan S.
San Diego, CA

Nice work on the new Stealth system Chris. When I first spoke to you a year ago, I had 2 listings and within months of jumping in and implementing your system in combination with another networking group of mine, I quickly rocketed to 28 listings.

Well, I just received 6 approvals within the last 30 days and should be closing 4-5 of those within the next 20 days for a total of nearly $20,000 in commissions. Now that's what I'm talking about!

With the new Stealth system, I'm gearing up for a killer year and to do noting but list, list, list more and more properties every month. Keep up the good work buddy

- Tom R.
Jacksonville, FL

I've been a subscriber for three months, and don't give praise readily but... this is by far the best investment I've made in my 11+ years in real estate.

Not only does it work as advertised, but Chris is always available to help with any questions that might arise along the way. I'd give it a "10" in all categories!

- Ed T.
San Bernardino, CA

I've cancelled my other webpage (I was stuck in a monthly contract) and am now using the Simple Listing Solution website exclusively. I really see the value and I love being able to simply add pages and change things up as I see fit. It's great!

Just wanted to send you some kudos and say "Great job".

All the best,
- Rosanne N.
Orange County, CA

Hey Chris,

Does your site work? You be the judge... On average I'm getting 1 to 2 of these "Come list my house" emails per month.

- Rick G.
Clinton, MI

Hey Chris,

Does your site work? You be the judge... On average I'm getting 1 to 2 of these "Come list my house" emails per month.

- Rick G.
Clinton, MI

Things are going well. I have the concept of the system down and have been creating prospects daily. Weekends have been great. It's funny but I have got 2 listings in contract and about 10 solid prospects that I will likely list half of in the last 10 days.

I had my wife start making creative craigslist ads and it's been huge success. She manages the ads while I'm out prospecting. The prospects are contacting me I have been able to take complete control and lead them directly to a listing agreement. I have had 2 prospects call from out of Bay Area big money listings 750k+ from finding my site online.

- Justin J.
Roseville, CA


This progrtam is just amazing! In just one week I have 12 eBook orders and have 2 appointments scheduled for short sale listings!

Chris and Dave are wonderful to work with and the effectiveness of this program is second to none!

- Tammy S.
Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you Chris - I'm back in business again.

- Caryl S.
Corona, CA

I'm beyond satisfied with my website and materials provided by Simple Listing Solutions. The value and support I have received to date rivals any other fee-based service I've ever purchased.

For an agent who is versed in short sales, this gives you additional credibility and takes the potential seller past the stage of questioning "you" to discussing their circumstances - a great timesaver and it's a competition killer, too.

Chris and his team are quick to help, answer questions and provide the necessary materials. I LOVE this system.

Thanks, Mark K.
Las Vegas, NV


I just wanted to say that since I've signed up with you, you've been nothing but helpful. You are always willing to take the time to teach and train, as busy as you seem, you're never too busy for me.

I appreciate you keeping your word when I first signed up and walking me through this endeavor. Appreciate you :)

Krista M.
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Chris,

I truly want to thank you. I waited three to four months before I bought the system. My clients love it! I had a client who was unsure for 10 months sign up for a short sale right after he got the book.

I am getting a second today. I have not even started door knockers and signs and tear sheets. They are on the way! I would tell any Realtor they were crazy not to try if they want to help people!

- Jenny T.
San Diego, CA

Results so far: two new listings from door knocking with your door hangers along with several other good prospects. We are starting our tear sheet marketing campaign today.

The system really makes door knocking easy when you have good material and an offer. The script video training made my conversation at the door so easy. Thanks!!

- James D.
Corona, CA

I've searched high and low and wasted lots of money on "magic post cards". This was by far the most value packed 60 minutes I've ever invested in my long real estate career. The system truly is the solution! Chris is fantastic and I've already referred the agents I know and respect.

-Sunnie S.
The Keys, Florida

Boy do I have a good success story to share!!!

The last week of June I mailed my first batch (of 200) postcards for the ebook... The day after I dropped them off @ the post office I received a request for my first ebook.

Yesterday we had a massive power outage in our city, but thanks to your service I was notified by email (on my blackberry) that he called! I phoned the seller back shortly after the notification and he advised me that he called several agents but I was the only one who called him back- the power outage was a blessing!!!! We booked the appt for this afternoon... once I arrived he had everything we would need and signed the listing. As we were sitting at the table there was a knock at the door... it was one of the 20+ year veterans agents of our town! I was able to book the appt and get in front of the seller before anybody else thanks to the awesome phone service!!!

Heidi M.
Tracy, CA

I have known Chris for over 10 years! He has always worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and personal development.

The Simple Listing System is fantastic! Chris has been there to walk the agents I work with through every step of the process.

You will not regret working with Chris!

- John S.
Portland, OR

Thanks Chris I just got another two listings in less than 60 days!

- Rod W.
San Diego, CA

I came on board with Simple Listing Solutions and I love the system. Chris is there to help. The customer support is awesome. I especially like how easy it is to set up and customize the pages. My very favorite thing is how easy it is to add videos.

Thanks Chris for a great system.

- Dave F.
Las Vegas, NV

Great system guys. Thank you for introducing me to this system. My phone is ringing and I've listed more properties and my business has increased because of your system.


- MV Real Estate.
Carlsbad, CA

Hi Chris,

I'm really happy with the listing results I'm getting with your system! The challenge I'm facing is the actual short sale negotiation and sheer volume of plates to spin. What do you recomend for that side of things? I'm thinking I may need to seek a full time negotiator to increase my closing efficiency.

- Nick O.
Beaumont, CA

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